Apples Inc.




I created this illustration for a game design module at the Zurich university of arts,

where I was tasked to design a game mockup.

Furthermore I had to develop a new artstyle based on 3 illustrations.


My idea was to create a mockup for a game based on an overwhelmed 40 year old pear, who recently lost his dream job and ends up as an intern at Apples Inc. While trying his best to not get fired again, he meets several juicy characters such as a sour apple boss, Cindy, and the friendly but mysterious facility manager Brok Lee.

In the future I would love to turn this mockup into an actual game.


Grundlage (II).jpg
Grundlage (I).jpg
Grundlage (III).jpg

Monochrome village illustration by Peter Donnelly

Soufflé illustration by Christian Robles

Event poster by Sami Viljanto

Design Process